Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cheetah Racing

In 1937, Gandar Dower introduced cheetah racing into England as an exciting alternative to greyhounds.

He imported 8 cats and staged highly publicized events at Romford and Haringey. He had not discovered the cheetahs are remarkably uncompetitive, and too intelligent to mistake a length of rag on a stick for a Thompson gazelle or other prey.

The cheetahs wandered round in a state of indifference and the experiment was abandoned.

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Anna Frances Hamilton said...

A very interesting article - do you know where the photograph of the cheetah racing the greyhound is from? Is it your own image? I'm doing some research on this and it would be great to know who I need to get in contact to find out if I can use that image in a history trail app.

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